I found it!

I cannot think of any time in a girl’s life when she’d be okay about the world discussing her weight. Can you? Think about it. Think about your closest friends and family and what they know about you. The name of your first boyfriend? Yes… probably. How old you were when you had your first kiss? Yes… possibly. What your favourite meal / holiday / colour / movie is? More than likely.

But you’re weight? Well… that’s an ahem, weightier matter, even among good friends. Talking about weight specifics is just not done – dahling.

This morning, the UK media’s newest fixation was Kate Middleton’s weight… and the lack thereof. Apparently, according to the beacon that is The Sun – she’s now not so weighty Katie as she’s gone from a size UK 10 to a 4-6.

I appreciate that I am not helping the sisterhood here by commiting a major faux-pas in continuing this fixation on weight… something I did frown on at the beginning of this post – but I am only doing it as a service to the future queen.

Kate – you know that weight you lost? Well… I found it! It seems I currently am that bride-to-be that has put on weight before her wedding. Absolutely not a look I am going for at this stage. With that in mind… I have a proposition for the lovely Kate…

As we’re sharing a wedding date – let’s also share some of the experiences in the run up to the big day… balance each other out if you will. Should you decide you want to find some of that weight again… I’ll use that as the motivation to lose mine.

Never let it be said that I am anything but helpful to queen and country…

One thought on “I found it!

  1. Lovely G –

    A word of advice from a former bride who got a little rounder before her wedding! – The rules of the world dictate (and indeed it does happen so) that you will be the most beautiful woman in the world that night, and remarkably you will feel it too! – so banish the grumps, and enjoy every experience that is coming your way – After all, when you look back on the day, you dont want to be thinking, gosh I felt like a sausage in that dress, but oooh how handsome my husband to be looks!

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