Mr & Mrs O… You are cordially invited to…

As half of the weekend disappears in front of my very eyes, I am astounded by the many things I still have left to do!

With just under 11 weeks until the big day, I would have wanted to have all of my invitations out by now. My bridesmaid Lulu (Creative Director, Asilia) has designed the gorgeous invites – and while 65% have been sent out – the remaining 35% has to be my main priority at this stage.

Unless she’s made a lot more progress in the latter half of this week, it seems Kate Middleton isn’t much further along with sending out her invitations. Mid-week, in an interview with Regis & Kelly – Michelle Obama was quizzed on why she said she wasn’t going to the Royal Wedding… a question for which there was a really simple answer. She has not been invited.

Interview with Michelle Obama

Delivered with the poise and grace the first lady constantly exudes, it seems that Michelle Obama would not be offended if she didn’t receive an invitation from the Royal couple, recognising how personal weddings are, and therefore not expecting an invitation by virtue of her position. Even if she is invited further down the line, she’s not presumptious enough to think that she’d automatically be given a plus 1!

With the awareness that Michelle is up for another trip to the UK, I thought I’d take this opportunity to cut out any ambiguity and let her (and her husband) know that they are certainly invited to our big day… we would be honoured to have them. They strike me as a couple who would enjoy a day with our international, cosmopolitan crowd… and fit right in with the dance theme of our wedding day.

While I know brides don’t take kindly to being upstaged on their big day – I think I have found my exception to this rule. That exception is not the lovely Kate and William I’m afraid… but is the American First Couple. When it comes to the Obama’s…I’d be happy for song 2 (perhaps even 1) on the reception playlist to be their fav… the gorgeous “At Last” by Etta James.

So… Michelle and Barack… if you are still free on Friday 29 April and are up for a dance themed wedding with a playlist including old skool R&B and global beats from Tanzania, Trinidad, India, Kenya, Guyana, Egypt, Barbados, Latin America and more – we welcome you with open arms!

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