Bridesmaids are a girls best friend…

Not sparkly in the ‘diamond’ sense of the word but with fantastic ones perhaps being just as rare – choice of bridesmaids is not a decision to be taken lightly.

I have been absolutely blessed to meet wonderful girls / women in every instance of my life… from v young childhood in Barbados to childhood/teenage years in Kenya and now – late teen / adult years in the UK – where both my universities and my varying jobs have blessed me with some of the wonderful women I know today.

For that very reason, picking my bridesmaids was easy, yet hard at the same time. I was absolutely spoiled for choice and am confident not only in the 6 awesome women who accepted the responsibility when asked… but to a small, extremely significant selection of additional girlfriends who are bridesmaids sans [without] official title – donating their time, humour and talent to the big day.

This weekend, the Sunday Mirror announced Kate’s lineup of best gals for her day, to include her sister as chief bridesmaid and 3 much younger soon to be relatives. Lady Louise Windsor, seven-year-old daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie is among the chosen few (yes… if this is Kate’s complete lineup… it is official, I will have a larger wedding party then the future queen!) – and is apparently thrilled at the prospect of this inclusion.

A bridesmaid fit for a princess

And who can blame her?! Congrats Lady Louise… this will surely be an occasion that you will remember forever.

I sincerely hope that the memories my bridesmaids have following the day, like diamonds – will too be forever. Not for me being a bridezilla (that will not be me!), but for their integral, individual contribution to the event set to launch a lifelong marriage.

Thanks in advance to my 6 bridesmaids and 2+ surrogate ones who absolutely have my back. The invitations you create, the themes you help me bring to life, the time you take to stuff envelopes and to research customs laws (how much is it to bring in rum from Guyana?!) and other tasks are greatly appreciated.

While like Kate, I would have loved to have some the younger girls in my family involved – I opted against it partly due to my need for real hands on support along the way (though I would have loved to have you!) -and sincerely hope that these grown up girls will be just as excited when the day comes.



3 thoughts on “Bridesmaids are a girls best friend…

  1. Lovely Gina,

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading your wedding countdown blog! I got my well coveted card yesterday, and it truly is beautiful!

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