Wedding Inspiration…

As a newlywed… I have a number of ideal weekend scenarios… cuddling my husband on the sofa as we watch a movie, going out dancing, and cooking or going out for an amazing meal are all on the list.

Even if not with my hubby it’s great when weekends can include getting together with friends, seeing family, a couple of coaching sessions with clients and / or getting some much needed rest after a tiring week.

Nowhere on this list of ideal weekend activities does the National Wedding Show feature because as a newlywed… why would it?!

Nonetheless, on Saturday morning I found myself at Olympia, alongside 250 exhibitors, the UK’s largest collection of wedding dresses under one roof, stunning cake masterpieces (yes… that is not overstating it… masterpieces – some of them were incredible works of art), phenomenal floral displays, and information about potential venues – from a stately home in Oxford to a private yacht in the Meditteranean and more. And let’s not forget the brides! I was in a place where  the UK’s brides and their bridal parties (or brave husbands!) congregate in excitement and anticipation about the celebrations ahead.

I was there however with an entirely different agenda.

As the writer of a career development coaching book targeted at newlyweds which includes experiences of real brides and input from wedding experts, I realised that by attending the event, I had the opportunity to meet some exciting people in the industry – who maybe… just maybe may be up for responding to my questionnaire and being quoted in by book.

I wasn’t wrong.

So… for you lovely wedding industry experts I met… thank you for taking the time to chat on what I know is an extremely busy weekend for you. Look out for an email from me early next week. For those I didn’t… feel free to drop me a line. Your current bridal clients… i.e the future newlyweds of the UK will hopefully appreciate it when the book’s out!

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