First Year of Marriage

While we often hear about the “7-Year Itch”, it is often said that the first year of marriage is the hardest.

Whether or not you agree with that point from your experience, the vast numbers of couples that get divorced within their first year of marriage highlight that even after years and decades of being together, marriage has the potential to change a relationship… and not always in the positive way that we would hope and expect.

See this interview on NBC’s The Today Show (via Huffington Post Weddings) where they discuss this topic

Here, the UK media is already focusing on Kate and William’s first year of marriage, and while I cannot speak for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, having tied the knot on the same day, it prompted me to reflect.

10 1/2 months in… how has marriage been for us?

Simply put.. amazing  🙂

Genuinely, it has been one of the happiest periods of my life to date, and I don’t think we’ve peaked too soon.While we are both extremely busy people, we have agreed to make the time to spend quality time together… whether that involves dinner at our local Indian restaurant, attending an Internet Marketing training weekend together, spending a birthday weekend in Barcelona, partying with friends, brainstorming about our budding businesses and developing our websites (see Rahim’s Flip the Switch website here), cooking dinner together and more, all of which we have done since our own royal wedding. We have promised each other that we will recognise if being busy was getting in the way of ‘us’ time – and stated our commitment to do something about it, in those instances.

It is such an exciting time, although as regular readers of this blog will know, a few months after getting married, I experienced a touch of the post wedding blues – and a temporary lack of focus regarding my business building. At this time I recognised that although there are countless hints and tips for engaged women, there was a gap in the market regarding advice for newlyweds… as individuals.

My “career development coaching for newlyweds” offer was born (also known as post wedding motivation coaching) – in a bid to help newly marrieds get on track with their career path following their big day. Succeeding in achieving individual goals is a source of the personal happiness which helps in a bid to be a content couple… and tonight, I am going to be interviewed on Erin Tillman (The Dating Advice Girl)’s show on  99.3 KCLA to discuss this, and some of the other aspects of my upcoming book.

Interview with The Dating Girl

Stay tuned (literally!) and to find out more and register to receive the early chapters of the book as a preview, register your details here.

To your happiness!…

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