My mini pre-anniversary celebration

Today I am having a mini-celebration. A mini click-my-heels, let out a whoop, do a happy dance celebration!

Is this in relation to our 1st anniversary tomorrow? Kind of but not entirely… Not entirely because Rahim has planned a surprise celebration for us tomorrow so that will deserve a celebration in its own right!

Kind of… because it does touch on our anniversary but today’s excitement is due to reaching a goal that I set myself at the beginning of this year. I’ve just had a blog published on the Huffington Post! The topic? The Royal Wedding One Year On.

Please see below for the post…

Celebrating the Royal Wedding: One Year On…

Where were you on April 29, 2011? Like two billion people worldwide, I spent some of my day glued to the television watching the breath-taking moment when an ordinary girl became a princess. The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was probably the most hotly-anticipated event of 2011 on a global scale, and it did not disappoint.

Like many of you, I had a glass of champagne in hand and a smattering of friends and loved ones around me, enjoying the celebratory atmosphere. Like you, I watched the dignitaries and celebrities arrive at Westminster Abbey in central London and like you, I recoiled in horror upon seeing Princes Beatrice’s horn-type headwear and smiled when William told Catherine, his wife to be, how beautiful she looked.

The difference? While most viewers sat transfixed as Kate walked down the aisle in her stunning Sarah Burton gown, I was darting between rehearsals and make-up, getting ready to do the same a few hours later. That’s right, when in April 2010, my then-fiancé and I booked our April 29, 2011 wedding, we had no idea that our wedding date would become the most celebrated wedding day of a generation. In addition, little did we realize that the engagement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would turn this most significant of occasions into a caricature of itself! Truly, while it’s unusual enough that we shared a date, it was laughable that we were booked to be married at the “Royal Windsor Racecourse” in a room called the Royal Suite.

To read the rest of the post, which includes 3 top tips for newlyweds inspired by Wills & Kate’s first year, visit

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