Promise to cherish, honour and be faithful… to yourself (Part 1)

True to my word (never let it be said otherwise!) I’m thrilled to report that I have written and completed my first edit of my upcoming book “Happily Ever After for Grown Ups: A Non-Fairytale, Post Wedding Blues Busting Guide for Newlyweds”.

Honestly? Aside from the fatigue due to some near all-nighters this week as I edited, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Relief in a way! This is by no means the end of the process as there is still copy editing, typesetting, publishing and more ahead (marketing for example… that’s going to be a biggie!)- but have you ever found that as you see the light when it comes to achieving a major goal, that’s when overwhelm and fatigue can kick in? I remember the same feeling when I finished my A-Level exams, when I climbed Mount Kenya as a teenager and more.

Have you ever had a similar experience when it comes to your goals?

As you ponder on that, why don’t you dip into this extract from chapter 2. It’s about being faithful to yourself. Intrigued? Read on…

Extract from Chapter 2: The Self Audit Chapter

If you are a newlywed or about to be, you are hopefully basking in the glow of your recent or upcoming celebrations – Forming a commitment with the person of your dreams does not happen every day… so savour every moment!

However, once vows have been exchanged, the best man has given his cringe-worthy (though you must admit, pretty darn hilarious) speech, your gorgeous gaggle of bridesmaids have done you proud, the multi-tiered cake has been cut, the first dance has been waltzed and essentially, the biggest party you will ever throw is over and you are back from your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon extravaganza… THIS is the time to recognise the importance of being you!

That’s right…. You. Not just the new you who is a new wife, but the old you who is the woman your husband fell in love with – the one who always had a funny tale to tell after a night out with the girls, and had crazy gossip to share after a day at the office. It is important for you to re-acquaint yourself with the pre-wedding planning you… the woman who shook it at Zumba twice a week and visited out of town friends once every few months.

So how do you reincorporate thinking about you-specific things after solely thinking about ‘we’ for countless months?

You conduct a self-audit…

What is a self-audit?

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post… (and in the meanwhile, you can visit and sign up to receive publication information about the book and more!)

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