Can you be in love and still be you?

A few weeks ago, I picked up Psychologies Magazine for the first time. This was after my coach/mentor (yes I have a coach… I wouldn’t advocate it so much if I didn’t believe in the process!) suggested that it would be a good outlet to approach when it came to seeking people and media to review my book / gain endorsements from etc.

“An excellent suggestion” I thought – and bought a copy of the magazine the very next day. Little did I realise how excellent that suggestion really was. I must admit, although I have been approaching varying bridal magazines and websites etc – seeking potential endorsers for my upcoming book, I hadn’t thought of Psychologies… But when I picked it up from amongst all the other magazines in the newsagent I was struck by one of the leaders on the cover page:

“18 page special: LOVE without losing yourself”

Are you kidding?! If that is the kind of content in Psychologies, there couldn’t be a magazine better aligned to the Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups book, workshops and process in general unless I wrote it myself – it was a great fit.  I flicked it open over a series of tube journeys and devoured the content, including articles on:

– The Science of Smart Spending
– Find your vocation: The right path for you
– and the Be yourself  when you’re in love content – “Never mind us, what about me”, “Find the one, don’t lose yourself” and more.

A few journeys later and I had read the magazine cover to cover. Loved it… and as I resonated with and / or was interested in so much of the content and was keen to mention that to anyone who is interested in the subjects I raise in my book as you may also enjoy the monthly read!

The article “Never mind us what about me” by Violaine Gelly makes points like:

  • Expressing your differences can be really healthy, something to be celebrated. Yet we are fearful and shy away from it
  • Falling in love can be such a heady experience that in the early stages we can quite lose ourselves
  • In time we find ourselves becoming a bit more self-centred and asking ‘Never mind us, what about me’ – a point which relates entirely to the first of seven steps in the book “Hand on Heart: Conduct a Self Audit – It’s all about me me me!”

As those of you who have been following my writing journey (highs and lows!) will know, writing Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups has been a real labour of love (excuse the pun of sorts). This “non-fairytale , post-wedding blues busting guides for newlyweds” has been written around my full time employed role, while I am working to build my coaching business (Limitless Coaching), work with Rahim on his electrical business (Flip the Switch) as much as poss, balance personal interests and friends and of course enjoy the moments of being a newlywed. All this and book writing too…

Life juggling. It’s what we in general and women in particular do best – and it was nice to see the subject approached in such a well-researched and thought provoking way in a monthly magazine.

So… what have you been successfully juggling recently? (and what would you like to be doing better?). Also, what is your take on whether you can be in love and still be yourself.

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Psychologies Magazine, March 2013

A slightly worn edition of Psychologies Magazine, March 2013 (this is how it looked too many tube journeys later!)

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