London Book Launch: Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups

Two years to the date after our gorgeous wedding saw the London launch of my first book, Happily Ever After for Grown-Ups: A Non-Fairytale, Post-Wedding, Blues-Busting Guide for Newlyweds – and I’m thrilled to bits (thanks for being here for the journey)!

This book will resonate with you if you:

  • Are determined to smoothly transition from being a blushing bride to a fabulous newlywed
  • Have ever felt a hint of the post-wedding blues (that slight anti-climactic feeling after your wedding day)
  • Have ever felt like you’re being pulled in different directions
  • Have ever wondered whether pursuing your own dreams is ‘selfish’ when balancing a relationship and a family
  • Are sometimes a bit unsure about how to effectively set your varying goals and see them through from start to finish
  • Sometimes feel like you’re sleepwalking through your career and not actively heading in the desired direction
  • Know that better communication with your other half will make both of your goals feel more manageable – and would therefore like to learn some tricks to make communication much easier

The launch was held at The Cape, in the City and below is a highlights video from the event. Do check it out and remember you can buy the book here via

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