About Bride To Newlywed

About Bride To Newlywed

Bride To Newlywed [formerly Royal Wedding Countdown] is a blog for women (and those who love them) who want to transition well from wedding planning to married life. While the majority of ‘wedding’ blogs focus on the exciting days in the run up to the wedding, this blog focuses on the excitement within marriage (i.e. post the big day).

Written / curated by author and career coach Gina Visram (founder of career coaching initiative Limitless Coaching) – the content here is designed for those who are determined to successfully balance their career and relationship on their own terms (i.e. achieve their own brand of work life balance)

This blog has been transformed a few times (from engagement to first year or marriage and beyond) and some you can read information about its origins below.


Royal Wedding Countdown resurrected!

Months after our fabulous big day on April 29th 2011 – the blog has been resurrected as I have a new mission… to banish brides from having the post wedding blues!  As a success coach, it’s my mission to help brides migrate their pre-wedding drive and determination into their married lives – I term I am calling ‘post wedding motivation’. I am searching for great stories from brides / newlyweds / marrieds and women in general about their big day. Could you feature in my book? Get in touch…

To download the first 2 book chapters, to share your story and find out more about one on one coaching sessions and workshops, visit the post wedding section of the Limitless Coaching website.

Initial purpose of blog:

As media in Britain and beyond counts down to the proclaimed wedding of the year, the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, couples / brides like myself who had long planned to get married on April 29 2011 are filled with a combination of excitement and anticipation as the big day looms.

Whatever a ‘dream wedding’ may be for a couple, planning it can be a stressful (although worthwhile!) process – however what most couples hardly ever have to deal with is the incessant, public media countdown to their once in a lifetime special day – reminding them how much longer they have to make their arrangements!

As a success coach and PR professional, I am an advocate being organised and doing all possible to minimise stress – and decided that a cathartic part of my planning process would be to embrace the media countdown… and the adage, ‘if you can’t beat em, join em… hence the royalweddingcountdown blog was born.

Enjoy! Comment! Share! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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