One is in need of a sick bag…

Designer Lydia Leith may be onto something with the Royal Wedding sick bags she designed…

With much fun memorabilia around, it is great to see an example of the great British sense of humour in full effect (see BBC video here)

My reason for writing about it today however? I need one! I have woken up with ear, throat and head pain… feeling like a fog has descended over me. I feel horrendous.

I’m not seeking sympathy (really) – however it did raise some stark differences between the plans for our big day on Friday 29th April… and that of Wills and Kate.

While of course hoping that she is in the best of health, I imagine that if she had an off day or two… or week even – the wedding plans would keep ticking along like clockwork. No worries about getting out those final invitations; the elusive search for turquoise shoes; writing the order of service; sourcing reception music etc… instead, there would be a team in place to ensure all continued to tick along.

Sigh… it’s not the status and royal riches I crave – I must admit slight envy at the prospect of someone being able to pick up the mantle when needed. With a fab groom to be, awesome bridesmaids and my mum due to arrive at the end of the month, I certainly am not lacking in support as such – but there are some things that only you can do yourself when you’ve planned a wedding this way. That said… delegation may have to become my new best friend.

Polo or Pirouette?

This morning Daybreak reported on an increase in popularity of the regal sport Polo – since the royal engagement at the end of 2010… which naturally led me to wonder what trends other couples would set if the world was watching them.

An increase in the popularity of singing? (though I think the X Factor / Idol programmes may have been responsible for that already) What about bird watching? Clay pigeon shooting? Trainspotting?… Beekeeping?

For this couple – our unending love for dance would mean those who know us would be piroutte-ing, palancing and popping – as opposed to playing polo.

What trends would you start?

PS – If you want to know what ‘Palance’ is – it’s absolutely worth clicking on the (somewhat random!) video below. Think Trinidad Carnival!