When does romance in marriage fade?

Romance fading_married couple

This weekend, I got caught up in a discussion that was taking place on the BBC Breakfast sofa. The weekend show’s Breakfast presenters had a discussion with a couple that had been married for 38 years and Harry Benson from … Continue reading

Book writing update

After an unbelievably hectic few weeks, involving planning a large scale event (which gave me a buzz due to its success, yet zapped my energy at the same time), I hope you agree that it is fitting that this return post is about the next focus… the post wedding motivation coaching book I am writing – a ‘banish the post wedding blues’, recharge your batteries and regain your motivation’ book with real life experiences of brides and plenty of coaching tips for new brides.

I am giving myself a challenge of writing 8000 words this weekend!

What challenge are you up for this weekend?

The best thing I never had…

On this drizzle-filled Saturday, there will be brides in the UK and beyond, getting ready to celebrate the ceremony and celebration which will kick of their married life.

Getting to that point of certainty and lack of hesitation is always a journey – and without the experiences we all had along the many brides will admit that they would not have found their prince charming if it wasn’t for some idiot f*ing… (ahem) messing it up at some point!

Think about it. It’s much harder to realise you’ve found Mr Right unless you experienced a Mr Oh-so-wrong along the way!

If you’re enjoying relationship / marital bliss with someone you truly love and appreciate  – take a moment to smile and say thank you… Beyonce style!

21 seconds (well… days) to go

About a decade ago, So Solid Crew stormed up the charts with “21 seconds” (brap brap brap!)…

Many years later… R and I (and indeed Wills and Kate) have 21 days until our wedding day – but in many ways, it feels like 21 seconds.

We’re in the home straight. Menu sorted, flowers sorted (thanks mum and Auntie G), cake(s) in motion (thanks Auntie G and Andrea), bridesmaids dresses tried on (the most AMAZING dresses you ever did see. My mum’s unique, world-class designer skills truly came to the fore), favours in process of being made (thanks Njeri… and dad), the best hen party a girl could ask for (thanks Sab for organising and my ladies for coming), photographer sorted and more.

The ‘things to do’ list still seems lengthy however – but I think I’ll get over a big hurdle this weekend, once I finalise order of service, all readings and the reception programme.

In a very PR focused drive where Will invited his grandparents to see him in action at work in Anglesey last week – Will too recognised how much they have to do before their big day.

While I realised that they would have an entourage to do their bidding – if they are anything like us, there are some things only they can do – despite the helpful friends, family (and in their case planners extraordinaire) ready to lend a helping hand.

Here’s hoping the next few weeks are incredibly productive!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a few pre-wedding photo shoot snapshots (see link at bottom of post).

Wills and Kate have had some beautiful pre-wedding / engagement pictures (and I even recently met royal photographer Ian Jones who is fantastic), however – our photographer Beena (of Kumi photography) is one of the most talented I’ve ever come across… and we’re thrilled to have found her for our big day. I’m sure the fun we had running around Piccadilly Circus for this photoshoot won’t hold a candle to the fun we’ll have on the day!


Much fun... fab shoot with Beena!



All Change

Not content with the pending change of name in just over 5 weeks – I seem to be embracing change in every sense of the word. This week sees a:

Limitless Coaching homepage

Am missing the fab team at my previous company but enjoying getting to know my new colleagues and role. It’s all about adjusting… and I am enjoying the journey.

So where does the wedding planning fit in I hear you ask? Good question… I am wondering that too in a way! Part of me does envy the fact that Kate Middleton could just give up her role and concentrate on all things ‘princess’ and ‘wedding’.

However… my new and improved work life balance means that I too am set to be uber efficient if I channel my energies in the right direction.

5 weeks to go and counting? Bring it…