Mine! (Hands off…)

The wheels of the bus go round and round… all the way through Kate Middleton’s home village in Royal Berkshire.

Kate Middleton bus tour

And like the wedding invitations, there will be a stop at her favourite pub Bucklebury’s Old Boot Inn. Pub landlord John Haley is understandably chuffed at being invited and has said that his spot at Westminster Abbey is “one seat I won’t be giving up.”

Which led me to wonder… what would you not give up? For me, it would be was my hubby to be, family and friends. Yes, yes, sweet I know – but there MUST be something more interesting than that which I would hang onto tooth and nail.

What would it be for you?


1900 down… more to go?

With 1900 invitations out the door… Speculation about who is receiving the first round of Royal Wedding invitations can now trickle off as envelopes hit the floors of [an alleged] 50 members of Royal Family, 40 Foreign Royal family, 200 MPs and Diplos, 60 Govenors/Realm PMs and 80 Charity workers (numbers above as per the Twitter feed of Sky News’ Paul Harrison).

The invitation above truly is a golden ticket – and hopefully something the royal couple look at with pride in those (sometimes rare but) important moments when you give youself a minute to reflect… and get excited about the upcoming big day.

… And woohoo… R and I will have a few of those moments of our own tomorrow as we finish up addressing and sending the balance of our invites. This excitement does not just derive from the sheer relief we will feel to tick this off the list… but also, it is the knowledge that our invitations reflect us. How… you ask? Is there not a standard way to doing invites as per the classy Kate and Wills golden ticket above?

Actually, no – the world is your oyster when you have the design stylings of my bridesmaid and graphic designer extraordinaire, Lulu. No gold embossed writing and rafts of white space for us,  but instead colours, words, symbols and illustrations reflecting the vibe of this [not royal, but I like to think pretty special] couple!

Again, our timing coincides…

However, I’m guessing Ms Kate Middleton won’t be sitting with a caligraphy pen in hand for much of the morning tomorrow. That’ll be just me then!