Something NEW

Last year when I walked into bridal stores looking for dresses and was asked what sort of dress I want, I had a stock answer “I don’t want to look like Jordan… I have no illusions that I am a princess!”

Fast forward a year and the irony of that statement is hitting me in a variety of ways:

  1. The wedding of a real life princess (to be) on our day means that bridal comparisons to princesses are even more stark
  2. There’s been a fair amount of media interest in couples getting married in / around the day of the royal wedding – and yesterday Rahim and I got a taste of that interest as we had a few photos taken for a piece in New Magazine. (A UK women’s weekly magazine upon which Jordan has graced the cover more than a handful of times)

Weird huh?

Photographer Philip was our 2nd taste of a photoshoot within the last month so by the time our wedding rolls around in 12 days, we’ll be pros!

I figure it’s all harmless – as the early promise of the magazine to promote this blog (i.e. the reason for participating in the article) means that the quid pro quo nature of this agreement would make it worthwhile. It has to be said though, if the article misses out a mention of this blog, I may be tempted to do something I’ve never done before…

… throw a tantrum… of princess level proportions!

Let’s hope it won’t come to that.

A word from designer Caroline Castigliano

While I hope you are enjoying my opinions / comments on the countdown to the Royal Wedding (and random parallels to ours!) – sometimes you just have to leave it to the experts!

See here for a video in which Caroline Castigliano talks Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  Enjoy!