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Post wedding motivation with Gina Visram is now on!

I am chuffed to share the news that I am now a guest blogger on Wedding TV UK online… a development that I am so proud of as it potentially gives women even more access to information about how to beat the post wedding blues… and turn it into post wedding motivation and bundles of success!

A new blog is set to appear every month… some of which will be extracts from my upcoming book, such as the one below. Have a read and enjoy!

WeddingTV online blog post 1:

I am lucky in love (and if you are reading this blog, there’s a chance that it means you are too). I was fortunate to recently marry the man of my dreams – and am now enjoying life as a newlywed. You may relate, or indeed be in the exciting, once in a lifetime, wedding planning stage as you look towards your big day with much excitement.

Childhood fairy tales consistently gave us the impression that this is the hard part, done. We’ve found our Prince Charming… so surely it’s now just a case of riding off into the sunset on a white horse… or at least living “happily ever after” in some semblance or another… right?! Wrong…

“Happy ever after” is a lovely notion when you are nine years old, but when you are 24, 29, 33, 38, 42 or whatever age you are when you marry your other half… chances are you need a little more detail than that, because we are now at an age and stage where we realise that relationships – even fabulous passionate newlywed ones – need work, investment, shared goals, solid communication and much more, if anything close to that “happily ever after” is to come to fruition.

In a non-Disney world, finding your Prince Charming is not the end of the story… but is just the beginning, as lying ahead is a lifetime of adventure… celebrations, commiserations, extraordinary occasions and standard day to day existence.

It is the latter where newlyweds may come unstuck as it is a well-known fact that in the same way it is said that your university years are the best of your life, the same is said in terms of your wedding day being billed as the best day of your life.

This “best day of your life” notion is perpetuated so often that most brides spend months and years of planning building up to this beautiful dream day – some even reaching the fever pitch of “Bridezilla” status – and while the effort we put into creating our wedding day should not change – some of that energy and organisation needs to go into the life afterwards.  What most brides, and indeed couples fail to do, is look forward with the same excitement to the marriage…

For the rest of this post, see post wedding motivation on WeddingTV online – and stay tuned for more on this topic!