7 Olympic-Inspired Lessons for Married Couples

The Greatest Show on Earth has come to an end. I admit that as a proud Londoner, I may be slightly biased — but personal bias aside; it seems that London’s Olympics have been a resounding worldwide hit. London is … Continue reading


My mini pre-anniversary celebration

Today I am having a mini-celebration. A mini click-my-heels, let out a whoop, do a happy dance celebration! Is this in relation to our 1st anniversary tomorrow? Kind of but not entirely… Not entirely because Rahim has planned a surprise … Continue reading


First Year of Marriage

While we often hear about the “7-Year Itch”, it is often said that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Whether or not you agree with that point from your experience, the vast numbers of couples that get divorced … Continue reading


Wedding Inspiration…

As a newlywed… I have a number of ideal weekend scenarios… cuddling my husband on the sofa as we watch a movie, going out dancing, and cooking or going out for an amazing meal are all on the list. Even … Continue reading


New Year, New Name… Same Me

Happy New Year from Limitless Coaching

  It may be an age thing, but I swear that years are getting shorter and shorter as time goes on. 2011 for me was a phenomenal, life-changing year where I married the love of my life. Our already amazing … Continue reading


Your opinion counts!

An open letter to potential interviewees!

Ladies and gents,

In a bid to help banish the post wedding blues for newlyweds, I am writing a coaching book on post wedding motivation and am interviewing newlyweds, marrieds, plan to be marrieds and wedding experts from all over the world as part of the process.

We can all look up the dictionary definition, but in these modern times – I am interested in your response to the question “What does marriage mean to you?” and if interested in being more involved I’ll give you a call and email you the whole questionnaire.

Please note that you don’t need to be familiar with the post wedding blues / slump concept to be involved as I am looking for a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

Would be AMAZING if you were up for participating… and maybe circulating this to interested friends?

Contact me here or on postweddingmotivation [at] gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best


An aspect of what marriage means to me? Feeling invincible with my partner by my side - no matter if the world thinks you're crazy!


Book writing update

After an unbelievably hectic few weeks, involving planning a large scale event (which gave me a buzz due to its success, yet zapped my energy at the same time), I hope you agree that it is fitting that this return post is about the next focus… the post wedding motivation coaching book I am writing – a ‘banish the post wedding blues’, recharge your batteries and regain your motivation’ book with real life experiences of brides and plenty of coaching tips for new brides.

I am giving myself a challenge of writing 8000 words this weekend!

What challenge are you up for this weekend?