The Princess and the Pea

This week, I discovered that I have something else in common with Kate Middleton. It’s uncanny. I am not looking for similarilities [from a very young age my parents did an awesome job of leaving me with no doubt as to the fact that I was my own person… and should be proud of my individuality] … however these similarities just pop up once in awhile.

So what is this similarity you ask? Wedding date? Well yes… we know about that one.

How about dress designer? Wedding budget? Hair and makeup look for the wedding? Music policy at the reception? Um… no. (Although – looking at this, I feel like I am doing pretty well in most of these categories – even coming up trumps in a couple of the above)…

Today’s similarity is the age-old bridal favourite… watching our weight. Really, show me a bride who doesn’t want to look their best on their wedding day and I’ll show you a fashion designer who’s not wishing Kate would chose them to design her dress!

Bringing a new dimension to the ‘princess and the pea’ – this week, Kate Middleton was impressive when it came to flipping pancakes on a recent official engagement however admitted that she would not be eating any as she was ‘watching her weight’ – as reported by Vanity Fair and many many other outlets.

She may flip em... but won't eat 'em

It seems the combination of flour, water and eggs – with delicious maple syrup / honey / lemon and sugar / nutella toppings are not currently on the agenda for our future queen. Perhaps this princess is more likely to be dining on peas than pancakes.

… and this is where I can relate. I am on day 12 of a South Beach Diet influenced detox (you may have noticed that I am not comfortable with the word ‘diet’) – and I too missed out on the pancake related joys of Shrove Tuesday!

I wish I could say I was quietly getting on with it – but I think I have been quite vocal in my desire for some of my favourite carb laden foods.

Resolve can be an incredible thing though and it was actually on Day 1 that I realised how determined I was not to let myself down with my detox. In an extraordinary occurence, on the first day of my healthier eating plan – the Chairman of the company I work for decided to bring us a treat… in the form of 3 boxes (i.e. 36) Krispy Kreme doughnuts! And where were these bad boys housed… yup – you guessed it. Either side of my desk. Literally… to my left and to my right – all day.

Detox challenges: Day 1

I am proud (and a little shocked if I’m honest) to say that I did not touch any. As Charlie Sheen would say: #winning!

Day 2? Uber generous Chairman at work decides to keep the treats coming… this time in the egg and rabbit shaped form of chocolate. Unbelievable. Yet, I managed to quash the chocoholic within and again resist.

From then… as much as I wanted pasta, pizza – wholemeal bread even (though I’ve never really had a craving for the latter!) – I knew that I could do it.

Now, on day 12/14 of this particular detox… my ‘cheat’ to date has been in the form of a muller (fruit) corner yoghurt – not too bad.

The important thing in all of this however – for me, and if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion to our future queen as well – is not to get too carried away. Both of our fiances fell in love with us how we were – and hopefully both Kate and I are fully aware of when we look and feel best. The media is suggesting however that Kate is at the stage where she is losing too much weight (with some columnists being presumptous enough to write open letters on the subject!)

That can only be Kate’s judgement (judgement which hopefully is not being influenced by the palace or any other sources) – but what I would say is that if and when you sense the curves are beyond being toned / streamlined but are in fact disappearing… it’s time to put down the peas and pick up a pancake. Quickly… if not sooner.


The fun never stops

It’s been a busy week for the royal couple. From launching a new RNLI lifeboat to heading back to the place where the first set eyes on each other, St Andrew’s University – William and Kate seemed to enjoy their first official events since their engagement in November.

And why shouldn’t they? I am a firm believer that when it comes to spending time with your other half – when it’s right – you’ll enjoy most things as long as you are together.

I remember a number of years ago – summer of 2008 in fact when Rahim and I were in Canada for what seemed like 2 weeks of family engagements. No need to buy a hat (no major engagements of that kind), but I did have the pleasure of meeting and staying with his two sisters for the first time. Both lovely ladies who did nothing but make me feel extremely welcome.

That was the same summer when R met my dad for the first time. My girl friends who have known me since childhood had a fantastic time trying to convince him that he was like the dad in Guess Who. Lol – he isn’t… but they had much fun with that one.

Meeting the dad of your girlfriend can never be fun (no matter how great he is – it’s the anticipation that’s a killer!) – and the fun didn’t stop there. My mum’s high school reunion meant that we didn’t have to do a tour of the Caribbean and US to meet my aunties (my mums many good friends) – they were all there in one place. It seemed that Toronto was the place where we were beginning to truly get to know each others families.

At the high school reunion: Guyana in Toronto!

[For the record, ‘get to know’ includes the varying warnings R got from aunties… along the lines of “if you dare hurt our girl” etc etc]

I’m not sure whether the Middleton’s (be it parents or family friends) had that chat with William – but I would love to think that someone didn’t give a hoot that he’s a prince – and just wanted to lay down the law!

Either way – many years down the line – this couple seems to be having a fantastic time together, and hopefully when they go to Canada on their first official engagement as a married couple – they’ll have as great a time as we did.

Bridesmaids are a girls best friend…

Not sparkly in the ‘diamond’ sense of the word but with fantastic ones perhaps being just as rare – choice of bridesmaids is not a decision to be taken lightly.

I have been absolutely blessed to meet wonderful girls / women in every instance of my life… from v young childhood in Barbados to childhood/teenage years in Kenya and now – late teen / adult years in the UK – where both my universities and my varying jobs have blessed me with some of the wonderful women I know today.

For that very reason, picking my bridesmaids was easy, yet hard at the same time. I was absolutely spoiled for choice and am confident not only in the 6 awesome women who accepted the responsibility when asked… but to a small, extremely significant selection of additional girlfriends who are bridesmaids sans [without] official title – donating their time, humour and talent to the big day.

This weekend, the Sunday Mirror announced Kate’s lineup of best gals for her day, to include her sister as chief bridesmaid and 3 much younger soon to be relatives. Lady Louise Windsor, seven-year-old daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie is among the chosen few (yes… if this is Kate’s complete lineup… it is official, I will have a larger wedding party then the future queen!) – and is apparently thrilled at the prospect of this inclusion.

A bridesmaid fit for a princess

And who can blame her?! Congrats Lady Louise… this will surely be an occasion that you will remember forever.

I sincerely hope that the memories my bridesmaids have following the day, like diamonds – will too be forever. Not for me being a bridezilla (that will not be me!), but for their integral, individual contribution to the event set to launch a lifelong marriage.

Thanks in advance to my 6 bridesmaids and 2+ surrogate ones who absolutely have my back. The invitations you create, the themes you help me bring to life, the time you take to stuff envelopes and to research customs laws (how much is it to bring in rum from Guyana?!) and other tasks are greatly appreciated.

While like Kate, I would have loved to have some the younger girls in my family involved – I opted against it partly due to my need for real hands on support along the way (though I would have loved to have you!) -and sincerely hope that these grown up girls will be just as excited when the day comes.



I found it!

I cannot think of any time in a girl’s life when she’d be okay about the world discussing her weight. Can you? Think about it. Think about your closest friends and family and what they know about you. The name of your first boyfriend? Yes… probably. How old you were when you had your first kiss? Yes… possibly. What your favourite meal / holiday / colour / movie is? More than likely.

But you’re weight? Well… that’s an ahem, weightier matter, even among good friends. Talking about weight specifics is just not done – dahling.

This morning, the UK media’s newest fixation was Kate Middleton’s weight… and the lack thereof. Apparently, according to the beacon that is The Sun – she’s now not so weighty Katie as she’s gone from a size UK 10 to a 4-6.

I appreciate that I am not helping the sisterhood here by commiting a major faux-pas in continuing this fixation on weight… something I did frown on at the beginning of this post – but I am only doing it as a service to the future queen.

Kate – you know that weight you lost? Well… I found it! It seems I currently am that bride-to-be that has put on weight before her wedding. Absolutely not a look I am going for at this stage. With that in mind… I have a proposition for the lovely Kate…

As we’re sharing a wedding date – let’s also share some of the experiences in the run up to the big day… balance each other out if you will. Should you decide you want to find some of that weight again… I’ll use that as the motivation to lose mine.

Never let it be said that I am anything but helpful to queen and country…