Time flies when you’re having fun

I genuinely don’t know how it happened – but from an avid countdown, it has now been nearly 6 weeks since Rahim and I (and indeed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) have been married. Mental.

Not sure if it was the same for Kate but that last 2 weeks before the wedding was what I can only describe as ‘incessant’ – I barely even managed to find the time to get upset with NEW magazine for doing what I suspected, feared and then thought ‘no… why would they?’ – i.e. missing out the blog mention and link in their article. Yup, that’s right – this blog was the very reason why the journo found me – yet it wasn’t mentioned in the mag. *rant over*

However [moving on swiftly], most importantly – the day was magical. Absolutely magical – more than we could have ever hoped for. See a couple of the fab shots by the lovely and talented Beena from Kumi Photography below.

Enjoying every second of the day!

Thanks again to everyone who played an integral part in making it such a fantastic day. My mum, aunts, bridesmaids, honorary bridesmaids, in-laws… You know who you are!

These days my blogging will exist on http://limitlesscoaching.blogspot.com/ so please don’t hesitate to come find me there!

Gina Visram  x


Fit for a princess!

On Monday… Daybreak told me that there were 12 weeks until my wedding. Well, this national UK breakfast programme wasn’t acting as my personal diary, but they said it was 12 weeks until the Royal Wedding… and while I’ve never considered myself to be a princess (I even disliked anything pink and girly when I was a kid)… I have decided that if ever there’s a time to embrace the ‘princess’ side all of us girlies possess… it’s when the future King and Queen of England have decided they are getting married on the same day you are!

It seems Friday 29th April 2011, the day my fiance and I decided on nearly a year ago in April 2010, is one fit for a princess.

This incessant media countdown however may be more of a help than a hindrance I am realising as I am finding myself awake at all hours – remembering things that need to be done and furiously scribbing them in my trusty notebook.

As a success coach and PR professional, I am no stranger to effective event planning and organisation – but I realised this week that if the media is going to keep publicly counting down to my [well of course ‘our] big day… I may as well return the favour and keep them posted about what I’m doing too.

Thus… the royalweddingcountdown blog was born…